We are always trying to keep current with all of our products by acknowledging our customer comments and concerns. By listening to our customers comments and concerns we are able to make our business grow and stay up to date in the market.We welcome you to send us your thoughts and concerns and help us to continue to serve you, our customer, better!


"Lesson 2 was a delight! Dianne Seidel is a fantastic teacher...she knew just when to help and just when to have her student give it another hearty try. I came home all charged up and ready o live at my new machine. The next project on my agenda is going to be seats and pillows for our front porch furniture! I'm definitely going to come back to get the ticking in green and tan for the seats and then do throw pillows with innumerable amount of decorative stitching. Thanks for a wonderful "reintroduction" to my Husqvarna Viking sewing machine!"

"Marion and Marie have always been helpful in resolving my problems and making suggestion to help me further, thank-you! "

"What a pleasure Elizabeth's embroidery class was! I learned quite a lot and Elizabeth was knowledgeable and very experienced.She kept cool under pressure especially with three different machines running at the same time. WOW!! "

"Marion Washington has been wonderfully patient, helpful and understanding in helping me find the right sewing machine! "
Nicole & Jackie Wohn

"We really enjoyed the class and was able to design and put together very professional looking items. Thank-you Stony Brook! "
Lynn DeHate

""Marion Washington" and "Betsy Yocon" have been extremely helpful and patient in helping me try different machines, so I would be able to get the one that would be most comfortable with. They would both help and encourage me in learning to use a sewing machine. These Ladies are very very knowledgeable with great experience to help the customers! Thank-you!"

"I'll Miss you Mrs. Pat!"

"I'll miss going to sewing camp and loved sewing!!"
Louise McCartney

"Marion and Marie are so very helpful and very knowledgeable. They inspire me every time I visit Stony Brook. Keep up the good ......no.....great work!!!"

"It was a very positive experience. Good advice and good explanations. Everyone is so friendly. They demonstration of their work was beautiful!"
Rosalyn Hopkins

"Stony Brook's staff is very pleasant and very knowledgeable. They are also very helpful. Marion went above and beyond her duties to help me find exactly what I needed!"
Rita Mroz

"My experience at Stony Brook has always been fun and friendly. It is easy to talk to leslie and she is always very helpful!!!"

"The staff at Stony Brook, Mt Laurel has aw lays been courteous and professional. Their level of knowledge and expertise has been shared willingly without coming across as being "superior". They have helped me be a more confident sewer and I will continue to shop at Stony Brook!"
Lisa DeKovitch

"We love it here!! Everyone is great! We have taken many classes here because we learn so much and have fun. Great new fabrics!"
T. J. / V. S.

"I attended Pam's Software & Embroidery club. These are great classes for people who think outside the box and want to be challenged. At the same time Pam is patient enough for those that need extra guidance. We like to do the unusual. Thank you Stony Brook! "

"Pam is an excellent teacher she is able to help me understand the software and help me not feel so overwhelmed. Overall an excellent embroidery club I love the projects. "

"Stony Brook is the best. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and Pam. She is a terrific teacher. I attend both the serger and embroidery classes."
Elizabeth Alfrec

"What Great ideas and a great lunch! Thank you so much, I hope you'll have more Home Decor classes soon!"

"I would like to thank you again for all classes you have taught about how to use my Husqvarna machine for sewing and embroidery. I have learned so much, and you have made it fun. Additionally, the Stony Brook team has been marvelous to work with. I'm really impressed with the business you and Howard have put together. Good product offerings are one thing -- having a super team makes it all great. Though I am moving to Maryland, I expect that I will keep my business with Stony Brook."
Nancy Hlubir

"I love the support and instructor that is provided by Stony Brook. The Staff is enthusiastic and easy to work with!"
Elizabeth Alfree

"Stony Brook has great ideas and provided a great lunch. Thank you so much. I hope you'll have more Home Decor classes soon! "

"I thought Stony Brook provided very good techniques and were very informative."

"There is always something new to learn at the special sewing events. I have always come away with at least one AHA! moment. Today was no different. Now to find the time to make all the ideas running through my head. Excellent seminar, Thank you!"

"Another top of the line educational event at Stony Brook. How great it is to be able to tap into such wonderful resources! Well worth the travel time."

"Having a Bernina Serger sitting in my storage closet for years, I decided to take the Serger class at Stony Brook Hamilton with instructor Elizabeth to finally learn how to use my machine properly (the place I originally purchased it never offered classes). By the end of the first class I could see myself updating to a newer computerized machine and decided to buy a Viking Huskystar 910 Serger before the second class. I'm glad I did! It made it so easy to reset the machine for new stitches and make my first project. Elizabeth's expertise gave me not only tips on threading and quick basic training of my Serger capabilities, but showed me many endless projects that can be made from a Serger. I look forward to taking more fun classes and push my creativity limits. Stony Brook certainly made a difference!"

"Excellent presentation, Well organized store and staff!" L.S. "Thank you so much for installing the flexible cord on my Twist & Vac, and thank you especially for also cleaning the brushes and roller. I surely do appreciate your extra thoughtfulness!"

"I was interested in knowing as much as I possible could about my machine, so I took a class with Julie at Stony Brook's Oxford Valley location. It was a very positive experience."

"I wanted to expand my knowledge on the proper way to use Viking's Designer 1 and Designer SE models. I absolutely loved the class and the store and my instructor Pat was excellent!"

"Because of eagerness in wanting to learn as much about my machine as I could I attended your instructional class on the use of my machine. Pat was my instructor and made every minute of learning enjoyable. I am looking forward to my next class!"

"I was interested in learning how to make a quilt and decided to take your class. I really enjoyed the class, Pat was a terrific teacher. She was very knowledgeable and made herself available and she was very enthusiastic. I came out of your class with a great sense of accomplishment to have finally made a real quilt. Thank you so much!"

"I had never made a quilt before this experience and was very interested in learning how. Pat, my instructor, was excellent. I learned so much, as she was very knowledgeable. Pat worked with us individually at our own pace which was great. Overall the class was excellent. Thank you!"

"I had purchased a Viking Interlude and needed help to learn more about its inner workings. The class taught me how to use my machine because otherwise I couldn't have done it. This class and my instructor, Elizabeth, saved me time and effort by showing me the proper way to use my machine."

"I was interested in learning the basics about my new machine. My instructor was very helpful and considerate taking her time. She was also very knowledgeable about how the machines functioned and guided me through."

"I had decided to take a class because of the little knowledge I had about my machine. The class was wonderful and Betsy was a good instructor. She made the class a good experience and I look forward to the next one."

"I decided to take the Sewing Machine Lesson 1 class because of my interest in Fashion Design. Pat, my instructor was excellent and was very friendly. The class was so much fun, Thank you!"

"I took a course with Stony Brook so I could learn how to use my machine. The Instructor, Diane, was very patient and helpful guiding use through and taking her time. It was a great class!"

"I took the Sewing Machine 1 course because I wanted and needed to know more about how my machine worked. Diane, My instructor did an amazing job. She was able to sort us all out being that there were 5 different machines and 5 very confused students. She was excellent and was able to straighten us all out without getting confused herself. Thank you!"

"I took a Guide class to help me along the way with my machine. Betsy was a great instructor and was knowledgeable with the machines. The Guide 1 class was a great place to get started!"

"I had purchased a new Machine and wanted to know more about how it worked and functioned. The class itself was excellent as was Pat. She was very knowledgeable and patient. The class was great!" Anonymous "I took a class with Pat to learn as much as I could about the Designer SE. I noticed as i was shopping for equipment that there are personal touches all around, something you don't see everywhere around. I was very impressed, my husband and I have been treated excellently and I now would not think of going any where else. Everyone in the store is very patient and understanding. Thank you for your continued excellence. "

I purchased a Designer SE Machine and wanted to learn more about how it works. I took a class with Elizabeth Anderson, she was knowledgeable and was enthusiastic with her teaching. The Store Staff Lynn and Peter were very helpful and friendly. They are an asset to the store."

"I had purchased a Designer SE and needed to know how to use it. I took a class with Elizabeth and I loved it! She was a great instructor. What makes the class great is you not just learning stitches or how to change settings on your machine. Stony Brook makes it fun, I actually got to make a project while learning how to use my machine. It was really great. Thank you so much!"

"I took the class because of being able to come with my machine. The class was very enjoyable and the staff and Instructor, Diane, were very helpful and friendly. I enjoyed my experience and if I can find the time maybe there will be more classes I can take."

"I had bought a serger and wanted to know how to use it as efficiently as I can. The class was enjoyable and the instructor was knowledgeable and friendly. Mrs Betsy was great! Thank you!"

"I loved the class that I took from Stony Brook, their customer service was prompt and the staff was both helpful and friendly. They helped me learn all about the Designer SE which i absolutely loved, so much so that I'm going to have to make sure my mother gets one. When I retire I believe my husband and I would like to open a Sewing Machine Store. Thank you so much!"

"I was so excited about the Florinia Event that you were hosting, I was having so much trouble with my designs I didn't know what to do. As things went on in the seminar I had tears, they explained so much that I began to understand a lot more and felt confident that could do it. My brother also owns a sewing machine and would like to trade up to the Designer SE."

"I attended the Floriani Event and it was wonderful. I enjoyed myself immensely and would take it over again. Thank You!"

"I enjoyed the classes that I have taken so far here at Stony Brook and looking forward to taking future classes here. I also am excited and can't wait for the Sewing Sundays!"

"Always a fun visit! Everyone is pleasant and helpful even when we ask really stupid things. Also Skip and his repair and maintenance always perfect.I don't get to sew as much as I would like but you always make me want to get going again."

"The event was well planned and executed. The staff was fantastic, I especially liked when buying the products at the break, they set my shopping bag aside to give me time to shop for more items at the end of the seminar. Your staff was very professional and helpful."

"I've attended many seminars over the years, this was one of the best. Well planned."

"It was one of the best as far as being informative, helpful and courteous. I would recommend this event to anyone who embroiders."

"As a gift for Mother's Day I wanted to buy my Wife a sewing machine. I know absolutely nothing about sewing. Your sales person, Linda, helped me to find the one that best suited my wife by explaining the features and benefits of the different machines. Overall it was an educational and satisfying buying experience. Thank you!"

"I had never thought about purchasing a Serger before. The class I attended awakened and informed me of the possibilities and reasons for owning one. I intend to purchase a serger in the future thanks to a good class."

"I have lived all over the U.S. and in Scotland. Stony Brook Sew & Vac us one of the best and interactive stores I have been too. The staff was great, very knowledgeable and willing to give their time and expertise to the class and myself. The products and how they were shown were absolutely the best. "