About Stony Brook Sew and Vac

Stony Brook Sew & Vac is a privately owned small chain of retail stores located in New Jersey and Delaware. For over 30 years, the company has built on superior customer service. From it's inception, doing the right thing has always been the thing to do. The company motto is to "Have Fun and Make Money." With 25+ employees in sales, education and service, Stony Brook is a leader in the sew and vac industry.

Stony Brook Sew & Vac employees are the top professionals in their field, most are long term employees. Each store team works together under a manager who reports directly to the President of the company. We have an open door policy all the way to the top. President Howard J. Anderson is sought after to teach at industry seminars and trade shows. Additionally he has written articles for trade magazines like Floor Care Professionals and SQE Professional. Mr. Anderson is considered an innovator and expert retailer by his peers.

Stony Brook Sew & Vac has won many prestigious awards such as the Husqvarna Viking International Dealer of the Year, Royal Husqvarna Viking Club, Miele Diamond Dealer to name a few. Stony Brook Sew & Vac sells only the top brands like Husqvarna Viking, Singer, Miele, Simplicity, Hoover and more. Our sewing machines range from $79 to over $7,000 and our vacuums range from $89 to $1.299 we also offer service and instruction on all brands of sewing machines and vacuums.

Also you can Buy
Singer Sewing Machines and Brother Sewing Machines online along with Miele Vacuum Cleaners and Miele Attachments here at Stony Brook Sew and Vac.

About Stony Brook Central Vac

Stony Brook Central Vac  is a division of Stony Brook Sew and Vacuums Inc. and has been proudly supporting customers in Eastern PA, New Jersey and Delaware since 1979.  We are a recognized leader in Central Vacuum sales, expert service, installation, and support in our region.  
Stony Brook Central Vacuum provides installation, service and accessories for built in Central Vacuum Systems.  A Central Vacuum System is a whole house cleaning system that consists of a centrally located motor power unit that is connected to a piping system located inside the walls of the home.  In areas throughout the home there are ports (inlet valves) that allow a user to plug in a hose for local cleaning.  This hose and carpet brush setup is similar to the concept of using a canister vacuum except the central machine provides the source of suction and debris collection.

In addition to providing Central Vacuum Systems , we also have three retail stores that sell portable vacuums and sewing machines and install and maintain Indoor Air Quality Products. These include a built-in whole house HEPA filtration system that removes and purifys the air that we breathe. These systems help prevent spreading of viruses, molds and allergens by filtering out the smallest of the bioburden in which we breathe.. The HEPA systems attach to the existing HVAC ductwork to provide a whole house filtration solution.
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